In 1985, CASA recognized the need for a daycare program to assist single mothers, staff and low-income families who work full time. Since then, more than 1,800 children have benefited from the daycare and preschool services at CASA’s Early Childhood Development Center (CDI) which promotes the holistic development of 200 children on an annual basis.

CDI, also known as  “La Loma de los Chiquillos”, offers educational and daycare services for infants and children aged 45 days to 6 years old. They receive quality care and education in CASA’s beautiful and spacious facilities.

Literacy Promotion: Every child takes home three books a week to read and share with their families.

Nutrition: Children receive breakfast, lunch and two light meals under nutritionist supervision.

Health: We monitor the children’s height and weight, and provide nutrition education for parents.

Medical insurance: Children are covered by medical insurance that covers all accidents in our facilities.

Government certifications: Our facility is certified by the Guanajuato Secretary of Education.


Why is the initial stage of development important? Child development refers to the changes that occur as a child grows and develops fundamental skills, values and behaviors and becomes ready to learn. The first six years of a child’s life forms the foundation that shapes their future health, happiness, growth and learning achievement at school, in the family and community, and in life in general. Children learn more quickly during their early years than at any other time in life. CDI provides infants and children with the learning and education tools necessary to ensure their healthy development.

Who can attend? The service is intended for working mothers, single mothers and low income families. At present, anyone who requires this service is welcome space permitting.

What is the cost?  The cost is defined by a fee scale according to a family’s monthly income.

Our Services:

  • Healthy meals

  • Highly trained staff in childcare and education

  • Secure spaces

  • Quality education

  • Computer lab, library and gardening activities

  • Playground

  • Sensory room

  • Music class

  • Hygiene and bathroom skills

Early Child Development Center News

11 Nov

Day of the Dead in CASA

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CASA organized Day of the Dead activities including a Catrina’s parade on November 1st. Students and teachers dressed up as Catrinas and Catrines from different eras. In addition to being a fun and lively activity, the Center for Childhood Development (CDI).

Early Childhood Development Center Coordinator

Rocío Bautista Espinosa


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