Volunteer at CASA

CASA is a 30-year-old grassroots, youth-driven organization that proudly serves 80,000 people a year throughout Mexico.

Established in San Miguel de Allende, in the central Mexican state of Guanajuato, CASA reaches beyond the borders of the state, impacting the country’s maternal & newborn health system through its midwifery advocacy efforts.

CASA is a place where youth thrive, in a country where educational and employment opportunities are scarce, especially for teens. It is proof that investing in at-risk-youth and empowering them to serve their communities, can have a long-lasting impact on their families, their lives, and the lives of those around them. “Teaching others to teach” is a pedagogy that has enabled hundreds to change the lives of thousands. Its innovative programs benefit, inspire and empower people throughout Mexico and all over the world.

CASA always welcomes volunteers!

We have more work to do than we could ever possibly do alone.

CASA’s volunteers asist in a number of various areas, depending on the interests of the volunteers, and of the needs of CASA.

We welcome your assistance.


Community Health & Education Services:

Maternity Hospital and Family Clinic: Offering health services to women and families since 1994.

Professional Midwifery School: Mexico’s first and only accredited professional midwifery school.

CDI – Day Care Day-care and preschool promoting the holistic development for over 200 local children.

The Library: Promoting reading in San Miguel and rural communities through it’s urban library and rural library program.

Outreach and Education:

Youth Promoter: Promoting reproductive health, nutrition, and environmental wellbeing in rural communities, and educating students and teachers in Guanajuato State about sexual health and gender.

Violence Prevention Program: Raising awareness and developing support systems to combat domestic violence.

Ranchero Pandillero: Working directly with young men involved in gangs and offer them opportunities to lead a life of nonviolence while creating an economy that serves marginalized populations and prepares for the challenges of climate change.