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We Advocate For Reproductive Justice

Founded in 1981, the Center for Adolescents of San Miguel de Allende “CASA” is a non-profit organization committed to assisting the most vulnerable populations through interventions that promote gender equality, human rights and access to accurate information.

CASA’s programs operate under a community-based education model that teaches others to teach. The model has enabled generations of CASA’s staff to transform their own lives and the lives many others in some of the most remote communities of Mexico.

Our community center and main offices are located in a working class neighborhood in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. The team travels regularly throughout the state as well as other parts of the country, and offers its services in schools, homes and public spaces.

In addition, our professional midwifery advocacy efforts have enabled us to change public policy and positively impact the country’s maternal and newborn health system and as a result CASA’s midwifery programs are being replicated in other states in Mexico.

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“Teaching others to teach”
is the main model of action that CASA uses with all of our collaborators and volunteers. The model generates empathy, a leadership mentality and can be replicated in the environment in which it is used: Family, work, friends and fieldwork.

Youth Promoter Programs

CASA’s Youth Promoter Program places at-risk youth in leadership positions to help themselves by helping others. Promoters are trained in reproductive justice and health education, and travel daily to local and rural communities to give interactive workshops to children, adolescents, parents and teachers. They use a variety of teaching methods including art, theater, radio and educational campaigns.

Professional Midwifery School

The CASA Professional Midwifery School opened in 1996 and is still Mexico’s only government-accredited midwifery school. The program is open to all women who have finished at least nine years of formal education and gives preference to women from rural areas who are related to traditional midwives.

Early Childhood Development Center

CASA's Early Childhood Development Center offers daycare and preschool services that promote the holistic development of 200 children on an annual basis. Enrollment is open to CASA staff and the general public based on a sliding scale fee. Services include healthy meals. library and computer labs, gardening activities and music class among others.

Midwifery Clinic

The family clinic opened its doors to the general public in 1994 and provides services using a humanized birth model of care including treatment of maternal health emergencies 24-hours a day all year round. In addition, the clinic offers a clinical analysis laboratory, obstetric ultrasounds, general medical consultations, dentistry, ophthalmology, pediatric consultations, gynecology and psychology services.

Literacy Promotion

CASA's public library is an important resource for the working class community of Santa Julia. Our youth promoters, daycare and preschool students, staff and midwifery students all utilize library services which include book loans, computer lab and continuing education classes. CASA also opened 14 libraries in rural communities which represent the only local source of children's books for these communities.


ELEGIR aims to reduce instances of violence and provide services for survivors including comprehensive psychological and medical care and legal advice. The program also offers workshops and information campaigns geared towards youth, women and parents around issues such as gender equality, self-management and psychosocial risk prevention. CASA offers temporary housing in cases of emergency and has a 24-hour assistance hotline.

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