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In 2019, we distributed 38000 condoms. We also processed 11821 clinical tests and delivered 1296 prenatal consultations.


Maternity Clinic

Since 1994, we have provided quality service with an innovative and well-respected childbirth model that is based on the best and most current OB-GYN practices. Obstetrical emergencies are treated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Midwifery School

Founded in 1997, we were the first officially recognized and credentialed School of Midwifery in Mexico (under agreement 11PET0143N of the Secretary of Education).

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Child Development Center

Since 1985, we have provided accredited nursery and pre-school programs to promote children’s integral and autonomous development.

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About us


Center for Adolescents of San Miguel de Allende

Sexual Health Education Program

The lack of accurate sex education for young people leads to unfavorable decisions regarding their reproductive choices. CASA endeavors to ensure that young people have safe, reproductive options. Participants are taught about reproductive health through CASA workshops, information dispersion, contraceptive demonstrations, and educational campaigns.


In 2005, the ELEGIR program was launched to support and work with vulnerable groups of women who have suffered gender and domestic violence in Guanajuato state. The innovative program includes:

Psychological Care

– Support and guidance from emotional therapists

Legal Advice

– from our credentialed lawyers.

Shelter for women and children

– who are in situations of domestic violence.

Operation of an emergency hotline 24 hours a day seven, days a week (415) 124 69 90

Library Program

The Library Program is currently divided into 3 lines of action. In 2004, the Rosario Castellanos Public Library was inaugurated in the Santa Julia facilities. In 2007, the Community Library Network was created, which recovers spaces and turns them into libraries, providing access to literature and art in vulnerable communities. In 2018, the Mobile Library project was launched, bringing activities to promote reading to the communities.

We seek to encourage reading habits in children, young people and adults by providing recreational and cultural activities that allow the public to stimulate their imagination and develop new skills


  • Book loans at home
  • Computer rental
  • Copies and Prints
  • Workshops in schools and in the library

Ranchero Pandillero

Young gang members are at a high risk of becoming victims and /or perpetrators of violence. Hip-Hop is a culture and language that promotes respect, togetherness, and peace and is incorporated into The Rancho program. Young men and boys are encouraged to vent their emotions via Hip- Hop competitions and songs.

Rancho Pandillero supports the creative nature of young people through rap, graffiti painting, photography, sports, and Hip-Hop events. The program has resulted in established truces between various gangs and non-violent gatherings.

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  • San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico.

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Via the internet, we have developed an interactive map that identifies trained volunteers who offer free condoms and sex education/support at their businesses in San Miguel de Allende and surrounding areas.

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You can schedule an appointment with a midwife or gynecologist, and they will help you decide which method of family planning is best for you.

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