Here children from 45 days of birth to 3 years of age are tended. They are provided with care and quality education within an affective framework, where the child’s integral development is promoted within a pleasant environment that is conducive to achieving their autonomy and confidence.


CASA’s preschool program is incorporated into the Guanajuato Department of Education and serves children from 3 to 6 years of age. The children learn through play and diverse experiences that contribute to their development.

They Gradually gain the confidence to express themselves, develop a taste for reading, and use mathematical reasoning.

They are exposed to nature and acquire values and principles indispensable for respectful coexistence with other beings and the environment. They learn to use their imagination, be creative, and acquire language for effective communication.




A service of individual attention for the small ones, integrated by a book fund to satisfy the need from the first months of age. It is essential to take advantage of the early stage of child development to stimulate the baby’s creativity and imagination with books’ help.



The intellectual and emotional life of a child is very complicated. Within the Child Development Center’s education, children receive psychological care in case any problems detected in their behavior. Our psychologists work with children and parents.


Early Stimulation

Consists of activities in which children have fun; we mainly promote psychomotor development and cognitive, sensory, and language skills. The baby acquires autonomy and independence.


Dining room

We have two dining rooms where our children from 1 to 6 years of age provided with balanced meals; the nutrition specialist team prepares the menus.

Malnutrition is one of the main factors that affect a child’s growth.



Growing plants should be part of every child’s education. Gardening helps children develop a healthy attitude about nature and its beauty and develop an understanding of science.

The gardens promote healthy eating and autonomy.



The preschool is part of the Ministry of Education of Guanajuato and serves children from 3 to 6 years old, who learn through play and activities that promote their development.


148 Families supported 38% are parents and a single mother 86% receive childcare support

In this institution, of the 148 families served, 86% receive childcare support, including infant, maternal, and preschool, so that their parents can work with peace of mind and the assurance that their children will be cared for and adequately fed.


Verónica Juárez Guía

“I like that my son attends this preschool because he has a good education, little by little he is learning and little by little he is making progress in his speech although there is still a lot of progress to be made with him. It also has good classrooms for each group (and adequate) space, which is very important. I like the attention in general. I would not change my son from this institution because maybe they will not have the care and dedication they have with him here. Without a doubt, I congratulate the teacher director for giving my son Dorian Armando the opportunity to attend and be part of this institution.

Mónica Espinoza Noriega

“I have known CASA for more than 10 years and when I found out I was pregnant I did not think twice about requesting a space for my son when he was born, I decided to enter my son named Santiago, to the “La Loma de los Chiquillos” daycare center at 43 days old, since I am a working mother, I was sure that this place would be the right one for the care of my son, With all the services it provides, the food he has been given since he was a child has been good since there is a nutritionist who reviews the quantities and the food he should take at his age as he grows, in addition to some cooks who handle proper hygiene and guidelines according to the standards that are necessary.

As for his education, I like it very much because the time he spends in his stay is very divided and organized for activities, such as time spent on educational activities, gardening, library, music, etc. I like knowing that he has been developing correctly with all the activities he carries out. I am happy to see all the knowledge that my son takes with him. He has studied the three years of preschool in “La Loma de Los Chiquillos.” I am pleased with all the services provided by the institution and each of the teachers who have been in charge of my son as general director.

Anabel Ruíz Balderas

“I am pleased about the significant progress that I have noticed in my son, Valentino Reyes Ruíz since he entered this institution. His development has been excellent, and his improvement has been very noticeable. He has a proper diet, he has been taught more values, respect, and healthy coexistence with his classmates, and he has been treated with love and respect.

And the benefit that I have obtained from the institution as a mother is the day care service that they offer me, because I can have my child here while I am working, the schedule is very accessible and it is within my working day, it is a great support for working mothers. “

Child Development Center Contact

Hours of operation:

7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Santa Julia #15, colonia Santa Julia, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.


(415) 15 460 90, ext. 102.