Who are we?

The objective of the Community Health Program (PSC) is to provide information to the population, especially young people, of their sexual and reproductive rights with a reproductive justice approach, taking sexual education to multiple places such as: schools of all educational levels, businesses, communities, rehabilitation centers, among others.

The LHP team is made up of young people who use a variety of methods to approach the youth population in the communities and colonies, providing them with adequate information about sexuality and access to sexual and reproductive health services.

Our main activity is to provide educational workshops, cultural and art activities, recreational activities, video projection, information campaigns, among others. We provide free contraceptive methods, as well as information brochures and educational materials to the young population and women of San Miguel de Allende and its surroundings.

Sexual Education Workshops

The goal of sex education is to help give boys and girls the basic knowledge to make free and informed decisions about their sexuality. Resolving their concerns, learning to know and accept themselves and that, when relating, they have the ability to express their sexuality and can establish respectful relationships.

Offering interventions in school and non-school spaces such as businesses, orientations for teachers, mothers and fathers.

Free Birth Control Methods

Getting a condom is super easy!

With the promoters of CASA’s Community Health Program you can obtain a contraceptive method to plan your life, take care of a sexually transmitted infection, as well as receive advice on the correct use of contraceptive methods.

We have:

  • Male condom
  • Female condom
  • Scented condom (strawberry and chocolate)
  • Lubricants
  • Emergency Pill

And at the CASA clinic you can obtain other methods that require a professional for their placement such as

  • Copper IUD
  • Silver IUD
  • Subdermal implant
  • Monthly injection
  • Among others

SMA Colors

“Colors SMA” is a project focused on serving the LGBTIQ community, since it is a sector of the population that has been historically excluded and stigmatized.

“Colors SMA” is a project focused on serving the LGBTIQ community, since it is a sector of the population that has been historically excluded and stigmatized.

The project “Colors SMA” was born in 2020 as a new line of action of the Community Health Program (PSC), which has as its main objective to provide youth and vulnerable population with sexual education and sexual and reproductive health services, as well as to educate in reproductive justice for decision making about their sexual life and their future plan.

People of sexual diversity (LGBTIQ) are a group that face obstacles every day that make it difficult for them to lead a quality life, with dignified jobs and a stable family. They are mainly related to the existence of explicit or implicit forms of discrimination, fear, irrationality and situations of violence due to their gender identity or sexual orientation, which undermine their human dignity.

The situation of vulnerability makes it impossible to freely exercise one’s sexual and reproductive rights. This generates great controversy in societies where there are still individuals who understand sexuality only traditionally and believe that the only adequate ways to enjoy sexuality are through heterosexuality. Therefore, it is necessary to consider them as a priority group for attention, as well as to differentiate and typify crimes committed against them, since they are due to reasons of gender violence that have not been properly addressed.

Information Tables

On a regular basis, our promoters, professional midwives, doctors and volunteers set up information tables in public places such as parks, plazas, schools, among other places, offering reliable resources that provide information in a relaxed and fun environment on topics related to sexual health.

The PSC team is available to answer questions, break down myths and misconceptions, provide information about our services, and share printed materials such as: educational brochures about birth control, sexually transmitted infections, birth control methods, the emergency pill, etc.

You will also be able to get free condoms, the morning after pill, and you will be able to participate through passes for consultations with our midwives and doctors at CASA’s Maternity Clinic.

Free Consultations

We have advice from a sex educator, health promoters, professional midwives and a team of specialists such as gynecologists on sexuality.

The information provided by our promoters is completely scientific and free of prejudice and all the information you provide us with is totally confidential. Write your questions to our social networks Facebook, Instagram or email.


Rollalty Barber Shop (Family Planning Warehouse)

I feel very happy every time a young man comes for a haircut with the purpose of asking me for a condom, or when a gentleman after finishing the beard trimming asks me for condoms for his son who is sorry to ask for them, knowing that I am helping the boys and girls to take care of themselves is something that motivates me to continue as a volunteer.

I am also grateful to CASA for the opportunity to experience the birth of my first child for free. It was the best experience of my life to see my first child born. So cheer up, I’m Omar, I’m 25 years old and I’m waiting for you in my Bodega “Rollalty Barber Shop”.

Ana Barrón

“My name is Ana Barrón, I am 31 years old, I am a reporter for the channel T.V. Independencia, a television group from Guanajuato, and since June 2020 I have been part of the project Bodegas de P.F. I consider that it is a very important line of action to care for young people and ensure that they have a quality life without unwanted pregnancies or the spread of STIs.

Our facility in Dolores Hidalgo has become a safe space for young people to obtain a free condom. As a volunteer I feel very happy and committed to help this change, my career has taken me to experience many situations and to be able to help even with a grain of sand is very rewarding for me and we will continue to support this community health.

Congratulations to the Community Health Program!

PSC Contact

PSC schedule:
Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Santa Julia #15, Col. Santa Julia, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.


(415) 15 460 90, ext. 107.