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The CASA library endeavors to promote both a community and society of readers.Our goal is toassist in the development of reading habits for children, teenagers and adults. Through various educational activities, we are dedicated to stimulating imagination and nurturing new reading abilities. Our various services include the home delivery of borrowed books,the rental of computers, copy and print services, and school workshops. We organize workshops to promote reading such as the Read Out Loud Circle, and Arts/Crafts events.We also host several theme-based workshops throughout the year. Activities such as Piñata construction, Catrina making, and creating a Mandala are very popular events and bring the community into the library.


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Towards a society full of readers

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Rolling for reading.

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Rescuing locations to turn them into libraries.

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Providing you information


The public of San Miguel de Allende has read 25, 957 books that the Library Rosario Castellanos lent.

Comprehensive Work

CHP (See more)


Community Health Promoters.

They provide information and guidance on subjects related to sexual health and reproductive justice in teenagers at and around San Miguel de Allende.

In conjunction with this program, library hands out contraceptives free of charge, and information to teens and adults alike in the mobile library as well as the central library.

Ranchero Pandillero (See more)

“Ranchero Pandillero”

This program is dedicated to reducing violence statistics in young adults through hip-hop. Alongside the Ranchero Pandillero team, we organize Rap battle at the Rosario Castellanos central library, ultimately getting them comfortable and familiar with the library institutions, and guiding them to a reading habit. During these battles, each contestant is given a book and having them write 16 lines of 4 beats each so they can duel it out with the book’s themes.

CDC (See more)


The children at the Child Development Center

Accompanied by their teachers, visit the library, baby library, computer labs and audio libraries, as well as participating in storytelling and workshops. 


According to the Reading Module (MOLEC)  test, done by INEGI in 2018,the number of active readers in Mexico (at least a book a year) decreased from 50 to 45 pero 100 people.


According to INEGI data, 90% of mexicans has never entered a library.


Out of all the places where books can be obtained, libraries are the least used, reaching a meager 9.8% of the population.



“I am a teacher at the Álvaro Obregón primary school in the Capaderillo community. It is an excellent idea to introduce the mobile library to these communities. On top of the innovation and services brought by the mobile library, the childrens' learning process is impacted, as well as motivating them to read and partake in new activities to foster a harmonic and joyous coexistence. We hope the mobile library can keep visiting our community, sharing its books with us, generating a new work agenda that pushed our community and the parents to support reading habits and culture.”
Profesora Magdalena González
“I would like to recognize the work done at the Tertulias Dialógicas club. The club has had a special impact, as the materials brought in by the mobile library make a big difference in our resource-starved student community. The library´s innovative elements have fostered reading habits, and while the impact may not be seen short term, I am positive the children will forever remember the experiences. Thank you for your work and thank you, CASA. I hope to keep enjoying the support you have given us, benefitting our students.”
Rosa Elena Monzon
“It brings me great joy to be a part of the volunteer team. I have learned a great many things about libraries, as well as making new friends and acquiring new experiences when we head out to communities and work with children.”
Jair Benjamín Garcia

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  • Hours: 9:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.
  • Address: Santa Julia #15, Col. Santa Julia, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.
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  • Phone: (415) 15 460 90, ext. 110.

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