Child Development Center (CDC)


Chldren ranging from 45 days to 3 years old can attend our daycare. Here, we will provide attention and a quality education within a fostering environment that promotes an integral development. Our daycare is a warm and amicable place for your children to achieve autonomy and trust.


Affiliated to the State of Guanajuato’s Education Department (Secretaría de Educación), CASA’s pre-school program hosts children aged 3 to 6 years old. Our students learn by playing and experiencing activities which promote their development. Gradually, they will acquire the confidence to express themselves, acquire a taste for reading and mathematical reasoning. They will be exposed to nature, and obtain priceless values and principles necessary for constructing respectful relationships with others and the environment. Here, they wil learn to use their imagination, channeling their creativity and adopt a language useful for efficient communication.



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Baby Library

Our service specially designed for toddlers. Includes a collection of books to satisfy reading needs from the first few months of birth, and for the parents, as well. Taking advantage of the early stages of infancy is paramount when it comes to stimulating creativity and imagination.

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Since birth, the child develops his identity and transforms it within his or her relationships with their environment.

Their intelectual and emotional lives and experiences are very complex. At our Child Development Center, attendees receive psychological help in case we detect problematic behaviour. It is worth mentioning our psychologists work with parents as well as the children.

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Early Childhood Intervention

Consists of activities in which babies have an enjoyable time, which promotes psychomotor development, cognitive, sensory and language capacities. Infants will also acquire autonomy and independence.

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Dining Hall

We have two dinning rooms available where children aged 1 to 6 are served healthy, balanced meals. Menus are prepared by a team of nutrition professionals.

We prioritize the balance between health, learning and nutrition, as they are the main factors affecting a child´s growth.

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The growing and nurturing of plants should be part of a child´s upbringing, regardless of their origins. Spending time at an orchard plays a role in helping children develop a healthy relationship with nature, understanding how beautiful it is, and the science behind it.

Orchards help children understand you can never be too young to make a difference in the world.

It is our belief that children should have the opportunity to play outdoors and get messy, and an orchard is just the place for it, as it also mixes in physical activity necessary for muscle development and movement coordination. All of our children learn to responsibility, accountability and patience as they observe the plants´ growth, also gaining confidence in themselves as they witness firsthand the results of nurturing a nutritious product on their own.


We helped 126 families at Loma de los Chiquillos, 23% of which are headed by single parents.
Out of the 126 families receiving aid, 86% uses our daycare service for kids ranging from toddlers to preschool age children. This allows their parents to go to work with peace of mind knowing their kids will be well taken care of.


Anabel Ruíz BalderasMarlen Rangel Luna Gloria Martinez Andrade.Gloria Guerrero Soria.Verónica Juárez Guía.Monica Espinoza Noriega
“I am extremely grateful for all the services that have been provided for my son, Valentino Reyes Ruiz. He is enrolled at this institution, and I am ecstatic by the notorious advancements I have noticed in him since he entered. His development has been excellent, he enjoys a balanced diet, holds more values, is more respectful of himself and others, not to mention the attention he receives is very caring. As a mother myself, I can rest easy knowing my son is here while I work, the hours are very flexible and accommodates my working hours. The daycare is a fantastic support for working mothers.”
Anabel Ruíz Balderas
“I am very satisfied with the services delivered to my son, Marlon González Rangel. He has been positively influenced in matters of self-confidence, not to mention providing him with the necessary knowledge for a child his age. I am grateful for the dining room service, as well as the habits my son now has including brushing his teeth and washing his hands.”
Marlen Rangel Luna
“I am very grateful for this daycare! Thanks to them, as a mother, I can work and generate income to feed my family. There are plenty of fantastic benefits to be thankful for, so many areas they cover make them a trustworthy institution to leave my daughter with them.”
Gloria Martinez Andrade.
“I wish to thank the CASA program. Alongside them, I have found growth for myself and my daughter, who is sprawling with energy and enjoys coming to school every day. Personally, I have learned plenty of things in diverse subjects, and it is my desire to keep on learning from CASA.”
Gloria Guerrero Soria.
“I very much enjoy that my son is enrolled in this preschool. Their educational abilities have translated into my son learning language abilities, although there is still a way to go. The classrooms are very spacious, and I am satisfied overall with the attention he receives. I would never switch my son to another school, as I am wary others would not be as caring and dedicated. I would like to congratulate our principal for giving my son, Dorian Armando, the opportunity to assist and allowing him to be a part of this institution.”
Verónica Juárez Guía.
“My name is Mónica Espinoza Noriega. I have known CASA for 10 years now, so when I became pregnant, I didn't hesitate to request their services for my son Santiago. He has been attending the Loma de los Chiquillos daycare since he was 43 days old. I am a working mother, yet I was positive this was the right place for my son, taking into account all the services they bring to the table, from nutrition experts supervising their meals to the cooks preparing them, to clean facilities and superb hygiene standards. I particularly approve of how time is spent during the educational windows, as it is split among various activities, such as the orchard, library time, music, etc. I enjoy the fact my son has adapted to and learned from all these various activities. Santiago has done all 3 years of preschool at La Loma de los Chiquillos. I am very satisfied with the services provided by the institution, as well as each and every one of the teachers that have been given responsibility of my son, and the overall management.”
Monica Espinoza Noriega
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