Community and Hip Hop Events

Upcoming events

-Community event at Allende – December 8th

-Written Rap battle – December 15th

The First Events in New York

In the late 70’s, the Zulunation movement started in New York City, which promoted hip hop culture through graffitti, rap, breackdancing and DJing. Community parties were also held to improve relations between gangs. There, the first duels to prove who had the best team, moves, graffiti technique and rhymes took place. These showdowns were an artistic way to show who was the best, maintaining the principles of hip hop: respect, union and peace.

Community Events by Ranchero Pandillero

At our events, our team works directly with the neighborhood gangs to find an abandoned space, and reclaim it by cleaning litter and painting a mural. After community service, a hip hop party is done, with music and food, where members of the area are invited to enjoy a healthy get together and promote peace. These events seek to bring forth a new perspective when it comes to gangs and reintegrate these youngsters into their neighborhoods.

Rap battles

Freestyle rap is characterized by being created from movement, improvising the lines as you go, expressing what you see or feel through words and a rhythm.   The most well-known aspect of rap battles is the competition between MC’s, where two improvisers go head to head to find out who is the better rapper, and who has the best rhymes.

There are also written rap battles, where contestants have months of preparation to research their opponents and prepare their songs. These MC battles sprang in New York to mediate conflicts between rival groups. At Ranchero Pandillero, we use that same concept, where we resolve conflicts between our community youngsters, ending up with the contestants shaking hands and earning mutual respect.

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