Liberty and Gender Equality Education
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General Psychologist Juana Jacqueline Ramírez Pérez.

Universidad Patria graduate in 2017, psychology department.

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General Psychologist Jessica Tapia Gutiérrez.

Universidad Allende graduate in 2017.

A right to a violence free life

Violence comes in many forms. We are 3 credentialed psychologists who are dedicated to both preventing and tacking action against violence. Through mental health care and interventions we provide psychological support for individuals, and group therapy for children, teens and adults. The fees for counseling make our service accessible to anyone in need. Furthermore, we give free advice and legal support in cases of domestic violence. If needed, our program can also offer shelter to those who suffer from violence. Our telephone line is available 24/7 for anyone who may be at risk.

The actions we take to prevent violence (See more)

Violence has many shapes and forms. ELEGIR has several methods of preventing them.

Learn about them!

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What we offer in violent situations (See more)

To women, teens, and children

If you’re going through a violent situation (physical, sexual, psychological, etc.) approach us at ELEGIR. We will provide:

Right to mental health (See more)

Mental health involves:

Not only the absence of physical illness, but a balance between body and mind.

If you feel you are not giving life your 100%, maybe it’s time to ask for help. Contact us to book your therapy session.

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Are you a victim of violence, and don’t know who to ask for help?

Call us at our 24/7 emergency hotline: (415) 124 69 90


In Mexico, out of the 46.5 million women over the age of 15, 66.1% have been victims of at least one case of violence: INEGI 2016.


43.9% of women have been victimized by their current or past partner, throughout their relationship: INEGI 2016.


The Domestic Relationship Dynamic National Survey (ENDIREH) 2016 shows that women are prone to different types of violence:

Emotional violence
Sexual violence
Physical violence

What have we achieved?

In 2018

  • We gave 124 educational workshops regarding several mental health and violence prevention subjects to a total of 667 people.
  • We oversaw 80 psychological cases, out of which 40 were women in violent situations, and 3 of them were people in temporary shelter at CASA facilities.


LupePepeJaime Aguirre
“I am no longer the woman i was a month and eighteen days ago. I am no longer weak and scared. I am happy, strong and brave. Thanks to ELEGIR, I know my worth and what I’m capable of doing.”
26 years old
“I used to get really mad and hit my classmates, but when the psychologists taught us about respect, I stopped hitting them. Now I’m good friends with everybody.”
8 years old
“I thought women who attended workshops had nothing to do. Now, I realize these are important issues, and learning about setting limits with our kids leads to a better relationship.”
Jaime Aguirre
35 years old
ELEGIR Contact
  • Hours: 8:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m.
  • Address: Santa Julia #15, Col. Santa Julia, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.
  • Email: elegir@casa.org.mx
  • Tel.: (415) 153 90 87.
  • Emergency line 24/7: (415) 124 69 90.
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