Weddings, anniversaries, and more…

 We create unforgettable events by giving our clients the best treatment and the best service, providing most services required for them to enjoy theirs eventfully.

Every event is unique and has its own needs. That is why we have various furniture assemblies that can be adapted to all types of events.

Support our children!

 By renting our spaces, you will financially support the Child Development Center children, where our largest populations are single mothers and fathers.

We also manage to give scholarships to children of scarce resources to continue studying and provide job opportunities for young people who need it most.


 Excellent facilities with good lighting, ventilation, and comfort


Wide spaces, beautiful views of our city, and the beautiful baroque style dome of the place.


We have audio equipment with excellent volume, a DJ, and unique lights for the dances.


We do high-quality photography and video recording.



 We take care of the furniture, fabrics, balloons, flowers, among other services you request.


We take care of preparing salads, cooking main dishes, pasta, desserts, or buffet service.

Happy Customers

¨Something I didn’t know was the support that one is giving to the CASA institution’s programs, and I think that’s the best part.¨

¨A place that has everything; parking, security, comfort, and fantastic staff!¨

¨Excellent service, very spacious, comfortable, and clean. Correctly distributed for any event, it has excellent lighting and the arches give a very rustic and elegant style, it also has a perfect space and fit all my guests perfectly on the dance floor.¨

Amazing Installations

 We have the best facilities in San Miguel de Allende, with terraces with the best views of the city, the dam, and the neo-gothic style Parish.
We try to gather as many resources as possible to get the most benefits from our services by offering event services and location.

Contacting the Event Planner:

Santa Julia #15, Col. Santa Julia, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.


+52 (415) 154 60 90

Hours of Operation:
Monday thru Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.