The Ranchero pandillero program promotes peace among gangs and youths in violent situations with the tools of Hip Hop culture.

Program coordinators intervene in conflicts to reduce violence and provide individualized support for those in need.

They also support young people who want to get out of an environment of violence and drugs to devote themselves to art.

Ranchero Pandillero gives you the tools to develop in rap, graffiti, breakdance or DJ

Conflict Mediation

It has been achieved.

In the San Luis Rey colony, there are four gangs that, since 2014, have had different confrontations, which made the San Luis Rey one of the most dangerous colonies in the city.

In 2017 the Ranchero Pandillero team began to intervene with these gangs in the organization of community events and individual intervention.

In the Allende colony, there is one of the most severe problems of the city. In this place, two main gangs have been in rivalry for almost three generations resulting in several young deaths.

In 2019, Ranchero pandillero had had close contact with these young people and was looking to make a truce between the two gangs.

During 2019 Ranchero Pandillero intervened in 2 colonies in San Miguel de Allende.

Individualized Support

  • The coordinators of Ranchero Pandillero are ex-gang members who know the problems of young people well. They create bonds of trust with youth to support them, listen to their problems, and provide guidance.
  • Those who require more attention referred to the ELECTRONIC psychologists for professional help. The team also works with the Community Health Program to distribute condoms and other contraceptive methods.

Intervention in your Colony