In 2019 a large number of people of various ages participated in our cultural and social activities, carrying out 35,676, home book loans, in conjunction with our network of community libraries, central library and mobile library.

For the love of books and literature.

For the love of books and letters.

Year 2020

With the beginning of this year, intervention plans were formulated for the three existing lines of action, however, a global event marked the working life of the Library Program members, the arrival of the Covid 19 pandemic, meant an indefinite pause for intervention activities, because at this time our public library was edged to partial closure, however the CASA A library program. C, has achieved a lot as we adapted to the new working conditions, because we had to turn over our community interventions, to design, produce and execute digital content and new ways to provide services such as :

Let’s create a Street Library Network!

It was born from the need of the vulnerable population, due to the digital, cultural and educational gap, because the cultural spaces remained closed, in addition to the remoteness in San Miguel and its surroundings, the aim is to enable libraries in private homes, convenience stores, food stalls, etc.

We currently have 30 reading points called street libraries in 14 venerable communities and 3 colonias in collaboration with 118 people who make up the reading committees of the communities, most of whom are young mothers between the ages of 21 and 36 who are trained by the staff at home to provide service in the libraries, making a total of 2 from the time they opened on August 3 to date, 485 home book lending to children and young people with the intention of continuing to encourage the habit of reading and being a point of access to information, and more so today that we are aware that the educational model has not been able to resume its activities.

Online presence

Noticiero Noticuentos

The News Story is a YouTube program conducted by the library program staff in collaboration with children ages 6-12. Since its inauguration on March 31st, 2020, the newsletter has represented a significant process. In the few months it has been in existence, we have 413 subscribers, 53 published videos, and a total of 78 library reporters in 18 cities in Mexico and 5 different countries who have made different types of reports in a total of 189, that is, 378 hours of reproduction, generated a total of 10,830 visits, in which they show what their activities are from home and how they are doing to carry out the process of the pandemic this with the support of 16 volunteers who follow up through phone calls to reporters Libraries 1 time a week.

Presence of the Library Program

In the following map you will be able to visualize the impact and scope of the services of the CASA A.C. Library Program. Identify if you have a location near you and participate.

Interview participant

Reporter Library

Community Library

Integral Work


Free Condoms

Community Health Promoters

Provides information and guidance on adolescent sexual health and reproductive justice in San Miguel de Allende and beyond.

In conjunction with this program, the library provides free condoms and information to youth and adults in both the mobile and central libraries.

Ranchero Pandillero

It is dedicated to decreasing the rates of youth gang violence through the Hip-Hop tool. It works together with the gang ranchero team, performing Rap battles in the Rosario Castellanos central library with the aim of bringing young people to institutions such as libraries and promoting reading. These battles consist of giving a book to each participant and they can perform a written battle that is to say write 16 lines of four times and they can have a duel with their opponent of the book’s theme.

Child Development Center

The teachers, together with the children from CDI, carry out different activities in conjunction with the library team, such as book lending, visits to the baby rooms, video library, computer library, audio library, story time and workshops.

Noticiero Noti Cuentos

Welcome to the best news of all: the Noticuentos, the news that tells you so you don’t get told 🗞️📚

What I was told… myths and realities

Live interview sessions, broadcast on Facebook



According to INEGI’s Reading Module test (MOLEC) in 2018, the number of readers in Mexico has decreased from 50 to only 45 out of every 100 Mexicans who have read at least one book during the year.

According to INEGI data in 2018, 90% of the population has not attended a library.

Of the places where a book can be accessed, the library is the least crowded with only 9.8% of the reading population.


Library Program Contact

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Santa Julia #15, Col. Santa Julia, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.

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