Rosario Castellanos Library

The Library Program founded in 1990 as an initiative of CASA A.C. workers. It currently divided into three lines of action, Central Library, Community Library Network, and the Mobile Library. In 2004, the Rosario Castellanos Public Library inaugurated in the Santa Julia facilities. In 2007, the Community Library Network was created, which recovers spaces and turns them into libraries, providing access to literature and art in vulnerable communities. In 2018, the Mobile Library project launched, bringing activities to promote reading to the town.

We seek to encourage reading habits in children, youth, and adults by providing recreational and cultural activities that allow the public to stimulate their imagination and develop new skills.


  • Book loans at home
  • Computer rental
  • Copies and Prints
  • Workshops in schools and the library

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Community Libraries

The program created in 2007 out of the need that existed in the surroundings of San Miguel and its limited access to books, art, and reading.

Today the community library program consists of 15 libraries in different communities of the town, San Luis de la Paz and Dolores, to increase the level of education and reading comprehension primarily in communities with difficult access and population in vulnerable conditions.

Mobile Library

The mobile library comes to CASA, A.C., thanks to the Rotary Club Midday donation, which aims to establish spaces of social and cultural coexistence and promote child and youth development.

The mobile library travels to vulnerable communities that do not have library services and have unlimited access to information. It reaches these places by bringing workshops, film screenings, reading, and book lending incentives.

He currently travels to the communities of Capaderillo, Rancho Banda, La Cuadrilla, Atotonilco, and Rancho Viejo, benefiting 794 children.

Integral Work


Free Condoms

Community Health Promoters

Provides information and guidance on sexual health and reproductive justice for adolescents in and outside of San Miguel de Allende

In conjunction with this program, the library provides free condoms and information to youth and adults in mobile and central libraries.


Ranchero Pandillero

It dedicated to decreasing the rates of youth gang violence through the Hip-Hop tool. It works together with the gang ranchero team, performing Rap battles in the Rosario Castellanos central library to bring young people closer to institutions such as libraries and encouraging reading. These battles consist of giving a book to each participant, and they can perform a written battle that is to say write 16 lines of four times, and they can have a duel with their opponent of the book’s theme.


Child Development Center

Together with the children from CDI, the teachers carry out different activities with the library team, such as book lending, visits to the baby rooms, video library, computer library, audio library, storytime, and workshops.


According to INEGI’s Reading Module test (MOLEC) in 2018, the number of readers in Mexico has decreased from 50 to only 45 out of every 100 Mexicans who have read at least one book during the year.

According to INEGI data in 2018, 90% of the population has not attended a library.

Of the places where a book can be accessed, the library is the least crowded, with only 9.8% of the reading population.


Rosa Elena Monzón

“I at this moment give special recognition to your work with the students that we are attending in the Dialogical Gathering Club; which has had a special impact due to the materials that you have brought from the mobile library because, as you have seen, our student population is of meager economic resources and trying to bring them an innovative element impacts on the acquisition of such basic habits as reading. Thanks to your work and consequently a thousand thanks to the institution that CASA represents, I hope to continue counting on your support for the students”.

Jair Benjamín García

“It’s a pleasure to be part of the volunteer team because you can learn many things about libraries and make new friends and experiences when we go into the communities to work with the children. “

Magdalena González

“I am a teacher at Alvaro Obregon elementary school in the community of Capaderillo. I think it is an excellent idea to introduce the Mobile Library in these communities, because in addition to introducing innovation and services of a library, they support the teaching process of children, as well as encouraging and motivating them to read and learn new activities to promote a more harmonious and happy development. We hope that the Mobile Library can continue to come to the community to lend books and that a work schedule can be generated to encourage the community and parents to promote the habit of reading and culture in the community”.

Library Program Contact

Hours of operation:

Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Santa Julia #15, Col. Santa Julia, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.


(415) 15 460 60/ 90, ext. 110.