Recording Studio

  •  Ranchero Pandillero’s professional studio is open to any artist.
  • The team is always looking for new talent and supports every young person who wants to develop as an artist.
  • The study is free to members and available to the public for a low cost.

 This is the ideal place to record your newest song and the official video.

Rap Collective

In August 2018, it began with the Rap Collective, in which young people from different neighborhoods with different backgrounds meet. Still, these young people united by the art of making music and expressing a message from the street.

The Rap Collective carries peace throughout San Miguel and has participated in events in cities such as Guanajuato, San Luis Potosi, and others.

 Ranchero Pandillero seeks to bring these Hip Hop tools to the city’s most vulnerable neighborhoods.

Recording studio hours

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