Workshops in Schools

We carry out workshops to encourage reading, using different academic activities such as reading aloud circles, craft workshops, gatherings, etc.

During 2018, workshops given in different schools in San Miguel de Allende. Reading and writing skills developed, mainly reading comprehension, a taste for reading, and awareness of the arts.

Supported Schools

 Fuego Nuevo: Located in Colonia Allende, workshops given on Latin American authors, cinema, and its relationship with literature. The aim was to bring young people from this secondary school closer to reading outside the classroom.

 Nueva Senda: Located in the San Luis Rey colony, in the IMAGILETRAS club, where recreational activities are carried out to instill the habit of reading from an early age.

 Virginia G. de Anguiano: Within the community of Nuevo Pantoja, in the “Tertulia literaria” workshop where creative thinking and imagination are developed with classic children’s literary works.

 Bicentenario: The journalistic and literary genre is worked on, such as the story, the debate, the news, etc. With the aim of developing critical thinking in students of this secondary school.

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