For women @Covid-19 First Edition

San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, April 11, 2020

First edition:

This publication is based on the format and information provided by the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists on their website

“Coronavirus infection and pregnancy / Information for pregnant women and their families”

We hope that this manual will be useful to women, their families and friends; We hope that other healthcare professionals will feel free to adapt this information to their healthcare setting. We have produced this manual with all women in Mexico in mind, but mainly those who have received or will receive services from the CASA Maternity Clinic, which belongs to the non-profit civil association CASA and provides free and low-cost services with a comprehensive approach.

We thank Dr. Francisco Posadas Robledo, Dr. Ana María Carrillo Fargo and the midwives Sabrina Speich von Escher, Ximena Rojas García and Kate Formeta for their invaluable help in preparing this document, and our volunteer Alejandro González Rullan. We welcome any suggestions on how to improve this document. If someone has a specific question, they can contact: or telephone (415) 152 61 81 of the CASA Maternity Clinic.

Professional midwife Gabriela Cárdenas
Professional license 9709836 SSG 2540

Dr. Juana Martha Lugo Licea
General professional license 2787215
Specialty ID 4301930

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