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We are a dynamic, entrepreneurial nonprofit working creatively to promote human rights. Each year, CASA services performs outreach to tens of thousands of Mexican people.

Established in 1981, CASA is based in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. Our mission is to promote and teach skills that result in heightened empowerment, gender equality and self-sufficiency for both individuals and families.

We seek to elevate the quality of life for all underserved Mexican people. Through multiple anddynamic services, CASA works to address the needs of our community and the surrounding area

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Our programs

“Ranchero Pandillero” (See more)

Ranchero Pandillero

More Hip Hop, less violence

Our program strives to eliminate gang-related violence. Through creative outlets such as music and art, knives and weapons have been replaced for microphones and spray paint. We organize Hip Hop festivals and have created a recording studio where rival gang members can experience peaceful creativity and communication. Our graffiti painting program channels feelings into colors and shapes of self-expression. We provide role models who offer alternatives to a life of violence and crime and teach the importance of meaningful work and a peaceful existence.



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Maternity clinic (See more)

Maternity clinic

Our maternity clinic opened its doors in 1994 to address the need for accessible and quality obstetrical and gynecological services. We offer a fully equipped birthing center which is staffed by qualified physicians and nurses on a 24 hour basis. Patients may engage in our family planning services and schedule appointments with our physicians as well as receive comprehensive care
from our obstetricians.








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CDC- Child Development Center (See more)

CDC- Child Development Center

Since 1985

Working parents have been provided with a safe and affordable daycare option for their children. The program fees are based upon an assessment of family income which greatly lessons the financial impact of procuring quality child care. Parents can engage in employment knowing that their children are cared for in a secure, creative, and nurturing environment.





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CHP - Community Health Program (See more)

CHP - Community Health Program

Since 1981

Since 1981, we have provided educational programs to young people. A lack of sex education leads to unfavorable decisions regarding their sexuality and reproductive options. Our program seeks to decrease the alarming rates of child and adolescent pregnancies among Mexican youth.  Our counselors promote safe sex through education and address the myths and misconceptions regarding reproductive health. Our activities include workshops, educational campaigns, informational panels and contraceptive education. We also provide free condoms as well as liaison with CASA gynecological services.

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Library (See more)


Founded in 1990

 Our program is open to members of the community and seeks to promote thejoy of reading. Our library encourages our community to open their minds to new knowledge. Reading increases our vocabulary and cultural knowledge and promotes tolerance. We seek to stimulate the imagination of both adults and children and to enhance the development of their creativity.




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Virtual Campus (See more)

Virtual Campus

The CASA Virtual Campus is a free, digital program which was created as an information and education portal for subjects related to maternity care and midwifery education. The available courses are presented by professional midwives.








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ELEGIR (See more)


Do you suffer from any type of violence and don’t know what to do? ELEGIR is a specialized CASA program designed to provide comprehensive care and support to women who experience violent situations. Emergency help lines are available 24/7, all 365 days at (415) 124 69 90 We also offer legal assistance and psychological support.



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Midwife School (See more)

Midwife School

Since 1996

Throughout history, women have assisted each other during the birthing process. However, the number of traditional midwives has dwindled as of late due to a variety of professional obstacles. Our midwifery certification program offers comprehensive training and education in the art and science of pregnancy and birthing. The program prepares the midwife to assist in the care of the mother and newborn during the prenatal and postpartum periods as well as through labor and delivery process.


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Space for rent (See more)

Space for rent

Do you have an upcoming event…… a wedding, quinceanera, or a graduation? We have available spaces and terraces with a spectacular view of the San Miguel Cathedral. Our facility can accommodate large or small groups in a beautiful, classic, colonial atmosphere.

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