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Ranchero Pandillero Community Events

At community events, the Ranchero Pandillero team works directly with neighborhood gangs to find a space that has been abandoned, to jointly rehabilitate the space by collecting garbage and painting a mural.

After the community action there is a Hip Hop party where there is music and food. All members of the colony are invited to have a healthy coexistence and promote peace.

These events seek to give a new perspective to the community regarding gangs and reintegrate youth within their own neighborhoods.

online events

During the quarantine Ranchero Pandillero developed different virtual activities or those that respected sanitary measures. This was a challenge that at first seemed threatening to the program, since Ranchero Pandillero is based on the meeting of young people and personal interactions. The Ranchero Pandillero team managed to develop 5 different activities related to hip hop.

Graff Crown

This activity corresponds to the practices of graffiti Y visual arts. To generate interest in our social media audience, the “Corona Graff” is run as a tournament at the national level. state, where the first three places are awarded financially.

These tournaments are sponsored by the CASA association's board of directors, and by local businesses that offer their products to the winners, such as haircuts and hip hop fashion clothing.

In the first two versions of the tournament, 50 artists from all over the Bajío and from Mexico City have registered, 105 artistic sketches have been produced and 7 people have been financially remunerated, receiving a total of 6,000 pesos.

Quarantine Barrs

To date, two tournaments have been held, achieving the participation of 32 rappers, who have produced 120 short songs with video. The winners of both tournaments also received 6,000 pesos in cash, barber services and clothing accessories.

The material from both tournaments can be seen on our Facebook social network "Ranchero Pandillero" where we have 2,201 followers, which allows us to bring our virtual activities to 11,300 Facebook subscribers.

Second edition award "Cuarentena Barrs"

the street speaks

We have conducted 5 interviews with rappers from San Miguel de Allende; The project is called “La Calle Habla” and during these interviews, young people share their perspective on hip hop as a tool for social change, they talk about the problems that affect their neighborhoods and finally they expose their work as artists in order to generate popularity. .

These interviews can be found on our YouTube channel “Ranchero Pandillero”, which has 457 subscribers. The interviews will be a project that will continue throughout the year, as many artists from San Miguel have already asked to participate in "La Calle Habla."

Black Sessions

"For rap artists from the popular neighborhoods of San Migue de Allende to live the experience of being in concert"

The artists are invited to the facilities of the Rosario Castellanos Library, a space that is equipped with sound, lighting and professional audio transmission; young people rap their material for half an hour while it is broadcast live on the Ranchero Pandillero Facebook page. Some videos of these artists have reached more than 1,000 in less than 24 hours.

The popularity of this event has been such that some nationally known rap artists have contacted each other to have a space in the Black Sessions, since they are interested in the project and its mission, which is to support young people in vulnerable situations through culture. hip hop for peace
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