Our Services for Women, Adolescents, Boys and Girls in Violent Situations

Medical Assistance

We provide medical assistance to evaluate physical health, and as necessary, we provide medicines to improve the person’s health.

Legal Assistance

Legal assistance is provided by a group of lawyers who participate voluntarily with our ELEGIR team.

We provide legal advice as well as the institutions which one can go to for further assistance.

Each case is evaluated individually with the accompaniment of ELEGIR staff throughout the process.

Psychological Assistance

As soon as we get a case of violence, psychological help is immediate with the intention of assuaging the crisis. We inform the affected party of the therapeutic process which can be initiated to overcome the situation and the recognition of her skills and abilities that can be used to take independent decisions.

Temporary Refuge/Shelter

This is a space offered by the ELEGIR program to women, adolescents, boys and girls in critical violent situations to provide security and protection from that violent situation.


  • Have a complaint process underway before the corresponding prosecutor's office.
  • Not having attempted of taking one’s life or that of anyone else
  • If you are not of legal age, you will have to have a counselor, who can be a member of the institution that is supporting you with the complaint or someone from your family.

Requirements for Referrals

  • Letter issued by the requesting institution demonstrating it can accomodate the length of the stay and a contact person.
  • The institution will have to cover the basic costs of the person requiring refuge.
  • In the case of the person requiring refuge being underage, a counselor will be required authorized by the requesting institution.

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