Our services to women, adolescents, and girls in situations of violence

Medical care

Medical attention is provided to assess physical health and, if necessary, medications are provided to support the person's improvement.

Legal Attention

Legal assistance is provided by a group of lawyers who participate voluntarily with the ELEGIR team.

Legal advice is provided, as well as the institutions to which you have to go.

Each case is evaluated in a particular way with the support of CHOOSE during the process.

Psychological attention

As soon as a case of violence is received, psychological attention is immediate, with the intention of reducing the crisis and informing about the therapeutic process that can be initiated to cope with the situation and recognize their skills and abilities for independent decision-making.

temporary shelter

It is a space that the ELEGIR program offers women, adolescents, boys and girls in situations of critical violence with the intention of providing security and shelter from the situation of violence.


  • Have a complaint process before the corresponding attorney.
  • Not having previously attempted against your life or someone else's.
  • If you are not of legal age, you will have to have a guardian, these can be members of the institution that is supporting you with the complaint or someone from your family.

Requirements for pipelines:

  • Official letter issued by the requesting institution that has the duration of the stay and a contact person.
  • The institution must cover the basic expenses of the person who requires the shelter.
  • In the event that the person who needs refuge is a minor, he or she must have a guardian authorized by the requesting institution.

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