Hip Hop Workshops

Community Workshops

The Ranchero Pandillero team provides workshops in the communities introducing young people to the culture of Hip Hop. Within these workshops, young people learn about the beginnings of Hip Hop, its values (respect, union and peace) and the different elements (DJ, graffiti, rap and break-dance).

In these workshops, young people learn to make their own songs with rap and learn to paint with graffiti. The goal is for young people to express themselves in a healthy and creative way.

School Workshops

Ranchero Pandillero coordinators also conduct workshops within the elementary, middle, and high schools of San Miguel de Allende. These workshops are more focused on topics such as machismo, bad friendships, drug addiction, violence and others.

All the workshops are related to the Hip Hop culture and the coordinators use art, music, videos and other dynamics to attract the attention of the young people.

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