Center for Child Development

Day Care Center

We receive children from 45 days old to 3 years old, we provide them with attention, care, quality education and recreational activities within an affective framework, to promote in the child a comprehensive development, within a pleasant environment and thus achieve their autonomy and confidence.


Our children from three to six years of age, learn and strengthen their skills according to their stage of development through outdoor or in class activities.

We develop their zest for reading, art, critical thinking and mathematics for problem solving to unfold their autonomy and language.


Bebeteca – Library for Babies

We target babies in their first months of age by stimulating creativity and imagination with the help of specialized books for this stage of development.


This is a specialized area concerned with eating nutritional foods in adequate portions for boys and girls according to their age or on special diets if required with the objective of preventing heart illnesses, obesity and overweight at an early age.

We improve the quality of our menus with foods cultivated in our school orchard garden under the supervision of a nutritionist.

Early Training

This consists of undertaking diverse, strategic activities with the objective of developing to their maximum potential physical, psychomotor, psychosocial and language skills so that the young ones acquire autonomy and independence in their growth.


In accordance with the Norm 032, which establishes the provision of social services for boys, girls and adolescents, we have two high quality canteens, under the supervision of nutritional professionals, which adapt diets to the needs of children depending on their level of growth. 

Orchard Garden

Caring for the school orchard garden is part of the daily activities of students, awakening in them an interest and habit of caring and improving their surroundings and ecological knowledge in areas such as: energy, landscape, air, water, natural resources and wildlife.


The pre-school is incorporated under the Secretary of Education of Guanajuato State to serve children from 3 to 6 years of age, who learn playful activities which promote their development.


148 families have been supported by the day care center;38% are parents and86% single female-headed households.

Of the 148 families receiving services at this institution, 86% are supported by the day care center for their nursing babies and pre-schoolers so that their parents can safely and securely work knowing that their children are being adequately looked after and fed.


Marlen Rangel Luna

" I want to make known my satisfaction with the services provided to my son, Marlon Gonzales Rangel, which have influenced his trust, security as well as necessary knowledge. I am thankful for these services which in addition to knowledge provide a canteen as well as the development of good habits such as teeth brushing and washing hands which are very important to his development."

Gloria Martinez Andrade

"I am thankful for the existence of the day care center because as a single-female head of household it permits me to work and earn a living to support my family. The benefits to date have been very good including good nutrition and food and the different areas of knowledge that it provides make me trust and feel content with leaving our little one with this institution."

Gloria Guerrero Soria

" I am thankful for the CASA program for the growth of my daughter and of myself personally. My daughter is very alert and she happily goes to school. I have learned many new things in different areas and want to continue learning."

Veronica Juarez Guide

"I like that my son attends the pre-school because he is getting a good education. Little by little he is learning and little by little he is advancing in his speech even though he still has a way to go. In addition, the school has good classrooms for each group which is important. I like the overall attention that the children receive. I would not change my son going to this school because he might not receive the attention and dedication that he gets there somewhere else. Without a doubt, I want to congratulate the teacher director for giving my son, Dorian Armando, the opportunity of attending and being part of this institution. "

Monica Espinoza Noriega

"I have known about CASA for over 10 years and when I learned that I was pregnant I didn’t think twice about requesting a space for my son when he would be born. I decided to register my son by the name of Santiago at the La Loma de los Chiquillos day care center at 43 days old. Since I am a working mother, I was sure that this place would provide adequate care for my son with all the services it provides. The food given to my little one has been good. They have a nutritionist who adjusts quantities and the appropriate foods for his growth at his age as well as cooks who manage the hygiene according to norms in agreed guidelines.

As for his education, I like that his time during his stay is well divided and organized by activities including educational, orchard garden, library, music etc. I like to know that he has developed adequately with all the activities being undertaken. I am happy with the knowledge that my son obtained during his three pre-school years at La Loma de los Chiquillos. I am very happy with all the services provided by the CASA Pre-school program as well as with each of the teachers who have taken care of my son including the general direction and management. "

Anabel Ruiz Balderas

"I am thankful for the benefits my son, Valentino Reyes Ruiz, has received in being inscribed in this institution. I am very happy for his great advances which I have noticed since he entered. His development has been very good and his advances are well noted, he is well fed and values have been inculcated in him. He has been taught to respect and to live together healthfully with his companions and the treatment of him has been with care and respect.

The benefit that I have received from the institution as a mother is the day care service offered, which takes care of my son while I am working. The hours are very accessible and are within my working hours. It is a great support to working mothers."

Karla Hernández

Contact for the Center for Child Development

Working Hours:
7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Santa Julia #15, Santa Julia neighborhood, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.


(415) 15 460 90, ext. 102.

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