Casa´s Midwivery and Integrated Health Services


The CASA Midwivery in San Miguel de Allende is a space which for 30 years promotes sexual and reproductive rights of the population and provides different services for integrated health.

We offer services principally using a mid-wivery model, in which trained midwives with certificates and professional licenses accompany, guide and attend women during the vital stages of their reproductive lives such as pregnancy, birthing and puerperium. In addition, together with a broad multidisciplinary team, we dedicate ourselves to provide information and services at accessible prices.

Every woman has the right to choose how she wants to give birth, accompanied by whom she prefers (always accompanied by a professional team).

Our Services Inspired by You

En 1994 se inaugura la Hospital de CASA (ahora CLÍNICA BADI) para el público en general, con el compromiso de brindar un servicio de calidad con el modelo de atención de parto respetado y amigable atendemos urgencias de maternidad las 24 horas los 365 días del año.

Our work is based on the firm belief that every woman has the right to choose where and how she gives birth, accompanied by whomever she prefers (always overseen by a professional team).

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Phone: (415) 152 6181

Family Planning

Pre-Natal Care

Atención ginecológica


 Mid-Wife Assisted Care for Home Births

General Consultation



Acompañamiento del aborto

Laboratory of Clinical Analysis

We have assisted over ten thousand deliveries.

Women who have had their babies at CASA have left happy with the quality, warmth, respect and care that they received.

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Annually we care for nearly 8000 persons with our services and since our opening we have assisted over 11,000 deliveries.

  • Professionally trained midwives
  • Traditional midwives
  • Gynecologist
  • Doctors and specialists who work under the highest standards


Mid-Wifery Today

Facts vs Fads

Pregnancy and deliveries are processes which develop by themselves.

Cesarian is an operation, a medical intervention in a process which nature resolves and regulates without outside intervention.



"The care I received from every person at the clinic was very satisfactory, the process was respectful, humane and efficient." Feb 2022

"Care and personal accompaniment at all times gave me trust and security throughout the delivery." Mar 2022

"During the delivery I felt a lot of trust and received a lot of support from the personnel. Congratulations personnel and excellent service. "Mar 2022

"Care at every moment from a very professional and trained staff."

"Excellent social and humane work from CASA. Hopefully more such places could exist. A beautiful experience."

"Congratulations to all. We are very thankful for this experience. "

"It was a great experience, guided with patience from a midwife from the beginning to lactation."

Maria Fernanda


Found Mexico

In this documentary we give you the reasons for why it is important to include professional midwives in the public health system. The safe, warm and trustworthy treatment which is given the women reduces the possibilities of obstretrical violence.

CASA Hospital, A.C.

The professional midwife, Maru Torres, runs us through the installations at the CASA Maternity Clinic and tells us about the services provided to pregnant women.births

Clinic Contact

Indalecio Allende #4, Colonia San Rafael (near Mercado Juan de Dios).


(415) 152 6181.

Horarios de servicio

Consulta con partera y anticonceptivos: lunes a viernes de 08:00 am a 07:00 pm y sábados de 08:00 am a 02:00 pm

Laboratorio: toma de muestras – lunes a sábado 08:00 am a 10:30 am, entrega de resultados 2:00 pm en adelante.

Consulta ginecológica: lunes, viernes o sábado de 10:30 am a 02:00 pm con previa cita.

Ultrasonido: lunes, martes, jueves, viernes y sábado de 10:30 am a 2:00 pm con previa cita.

Dental: lunes a sábado de 10:30 am a 1:00 pm y 5:00 pm a 7:00 pm.

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Here you will find some of the most frequent doubts about pregnancy.


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