Mobile Library

Mobile Library

The mobile library arrives at CASA, AC, thanks to a donation from the Midday Rotary Club, which aims to establish spaces for social and cultural coexistence in addition to promoting child and youth development.

The mobile library travels to vulnerable communities that do not have library services and have unlimited access to information. It reaches these places carrying workshops, film screenings, reading promotions and book loans.

It currently travels to the communities of: Capaderillo, Rancho Banda, La Cuadrilla, Atotonilco and Rancho Viejo, benefiting 794 children.

Did you know that mobile libraries…

They eliminate geographic, social and economic barriers by bringing information, knowledge and different forms of entertainment such as: storytelling, reading promotions, book loans and playful workshops, where physical libraries cannot.

In this way meeting points are created between people where opinion and expression are present in an environment of coexistence and respect,

Mobile Library and Covid-19

During 2020, the Mobile Library became a very useful tool, since education during the times of the Pandemic was left in the last scenario, making it an even greater need. For this reason Mobile Library made a work plan with all safety and hygiene measures with the sole purpose of supporting this need, that of education.

Achievements Mobile Library 2020

Mobile Library prepares its safety and hygiene points for months, as marked by the health secretary in order to guarantee the health of those who occupy its service

During this year, a group of 8 volunteer teachers was achieved who, together with the librarian, traveled to the communities promoting reading and strengthening reading habits.

The secure consultation service has been activated. in this way we can all use the material in a calm and safe way.

In this way, we bring books and the magic of stories safely to a total of 101 children in 5 communities.

Would you like a mobile library to go to your community or neighborhood?

Mobile Library Contact

Santa Julia #15, Col. Santa Julia, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.


(415) 15 460 90, ext. 110.

Mobile Library Hours:
Business hours: 9:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.



  • Old Ranch: 340 users, 143 users, 3 introductory workshops* (It was given to the first 3 grades)
  • Hood: 162 users, 162 users, 6 introductory workshops*
    3 second visit workshops
    Missing 2 workshops of 2nd visit (5th and 6th year)
  • The gang: 170 users, 110 users, 4 introductory workshops*
    2 introductory workshops are missing* (5th and 6th year)
  • Atotonilco: 48 users, 48 users, 2 introductory workshops*
  • Band Ranch: 74 users, 74 users, 2 introductory workshops*

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