The Rap Collective began in August, 2018 with a small group of youth who shared a taste for music, writing and common experiences, promoting peace with awareness-raising messages through rap and Hip-Hop.

We teach adolescents to create their own compositions from zero in schools, neighborhoods and communities with musical shows and workshops for rap and Hip-Hop.

These help to reduce the incidence of violence and addictions which exist on the streets and in communities of San Miguel de Allende. vive en las calles y comunidades de San Miguel de Allende.


We use the most important pillars of culture, Hip-Hop (Graffiti, Dj, Break Dance and Rap) to boost talent and to direct adolescents’ energy to creative, positive activities and promoting the message: 

 "More projects, less fights"

Come and Record!

  • The professional studio of the Ranchero Pandillero program makes no distinction with music.
  • Doors are open to all and to all artists.
  • The team is always looking for new talent and supports youth who seek to develop themselves as artists.
  • It’s free to members and is available to the public at low cost.
  • Our recording studio is a space that offers security, preparation, inspiration and creativity.

This is an ideal place to record your songs!

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