Beginning in 2017, Ranchero Pandillero is CASA's newest outreach program with the objective of reducing levels of violence among gang-involved youth, preventing youth from forming part of violent gangs, and promoting a culture of peace within communities. The work is specifically focused on gang-involved youth because they face the highest risk and are the most likely to become victims or perpetrators of violence. The program uses Hip-Hop as its principal tool for organizing youth because it is an effective method for engaging with youth and promoting the values of respect, unity and peace in a culturally appealing way.


The Ranchero Pandillero team engages directly with gang-involved youth through conflict mediation, individualized support, and connecting youth with needed social services. Ranchero Pandillero’s street outreach workers are constantly monitoring gang disputes and intervene when possible by speaking with both the victims and perpetrators of violence to ease tensions and prevent further conflict. Street outreach workers also conduct weekly visits with gang members to provide individualized support and build healthy friendships.

Additionally, Ranchero Pandillero is collaborating with CASA’s psychology team, ELEGIR, to establish a network of support in conjunction with governmental and non-governmental organizations, in order to provide a variety of needed services such as drug rehabilitation, education opportunities, employment and therapy. Lastly, Ranchero Pandillero has a recording studio and helps youth develop as rapers in exchange for volunteer work.

In order to prevent youth from forming part of violent gangs, Ranchero Pandillero gives Hip-Hop workshops in communities and schools. The objective of the workshops is to introduce youth to Hip-Hop culture and learn about the values of respect, unity and peace. The workshops are focused on providing youth with a variety of methods to express themselves such as rap, graffiti, and breakdance thereby allowing them to channel their emotions in a productive way and reflect on the social problems they face. Some of the topics discussed in the workshops are discrimination, gangs, domestic violence, drugs, etc... The goal of the workshops is to help youth become conscious of the problems they face, take responsibility for their actions, and learn about a culture that gives them the tools to express themselves freely.
Lastly, Ranchero Pandillero organizes Hip-Hop events within neighborhoods to promote peace and unity. The Ranchero Pandillero team works with volunteers and community leaders to carry out community development actions such as renovating a playground, cleaning a park or building community vegetable gardens. After such action, together with local Hip-Hop artists, the Ranchero Pandillero team organizes a party to celebrate the community and continue to reiterate the message that violence is not accepted.

Ranchero Pandillero News

08 Dec

Adult Education Students Graduation Ceremony

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On December 5th, CASA´s library held a certificate ceremony for the students who completed their primary and secondary studies through the National Institute for Adult Education (INEA) program. Two INEA representatives, José Luis Berra and Maria Guadalupe.

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