They create condoms that change color when detecting sexually transmitted diseases

The latex comes into function at the moment when people are in the sexual act.

April 21.- Students and researchers from the Isaac Newton Academy in London created the ST EYE, a traffic light condom that is capable of detecting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) at the time of use and these change color depending on the condition detected.

The latex comes into play at the time people are in the sexual act. If you have any of the four diseases that the condom can detect, its material will change color to alert the wearer of the condition.

According to Muaz Nawas, Daanyaal Ali and Chirag Shahson, creators of the ST EYE, they pointed out that it is through a molecule implanted in the condom that it manages to perform its function when it comes into contact with a virus.

“We created ST EYE as a new way to detect sexually transmitted diseases and help future generations. We wanted to create something that people are safer with and can take immediate action with,” Ali told the media.

These are the diseases that the condom can detect: If the condom turns green, you have chlamydia. If the condom turns yellow, you have herpes. If the condom turns blue, you have syphilis.

If the condom turns purple, you have the human papillomavirus.

TV Azteca news (2019, April 22). Health, education and well-being . 

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